HUGE Stanton Cross Bridge Beams Built by East Midlands Business

Feb 20, 2017

HUGE Stanton Cross Bridge Beams Built by East Midlands Business

HUGE Stanton Cross Bridge Beams Built by East Midlands Business
Stanton Cross, Wellingborough, is boosting East Midlands industry by purchasing giant bridge beams made by local steel manufacturers.

The project team behind a major new mixed-use development in Northamptonshire is keeping it local with the supply of massive new structural bridge beams on the site.

The beams, which will form a key part of the new rail crossing at Stanton Cross, Wellingborough, have been supplied by bridge specialists Briton Fabricators. The Nottingham-based company, which employs 85 staff, is one of the leading UK experts in the manufacture of steel components for major infrastructure projects.

The six beams are a staggering 41m long and weigh over 30T each. They have taken four months to produce, with manufacturing of the beams beginning in October 2016.

The beams were then transported from Nottingham to Doncaster, where they were grit blasted to create the required surface finish, ahead of being delivered to the Stanton Cross site in January 2017.

The beams will be assembled on site this weekend, 25th and 26th February, and will be lifted into position using an 1100T crane. There are only three of these cranes in the whole of the UK.

John Lougher, Bovis Homes Group Land Director responsible for Stanton Cross, explains:

“The bridge installation work is an important milestone in the progression of Stanton Cross and we are delighted to be able to use local skills and experience to bring it to fruition.  It is vital for projects like Stanton Cross to support key local industries like this where possible and tap into the substantial expertise within them. We are looking forward to pressing forward with the plans and taking the next steps for Stanton Cross.”

Another Nottingham based company, ABM Precast Solutions, are set to supply the steel components to be used for the subsequent construction of the river bridge and for reinforcing concrete works.

In 2016, the UK steel industry employed 18,000 people[1] and, in 2015, it contributed over £2.3bn to the UK balance of trade. [2]

The Rail Bridge, located to the north of Wellingborough train station, and the River Bridge, which will cross the River Ise, are integral parts of the first major road route in Stanton Cross, Route 4.

Route 4 will run from Midland Road