Stanton Cross when complete will provide:

  • 3,650 homes
  • Up to 20% affordable (50/50 rent and shared ownership)
  • 3,000 new jobs
  • New shops
  • Leisure and community facilities
  • Country park of 143 acres
  • 2 local centres
  • 2 primary schools
  • 1 secondary school
  • A doctor’s surgery
  • An enhanced Wellingborough railway station and 1,000 parking space car park
  • Mixed use development around the new station on the east of the train line


New homes

In total, there will be around 3,650 new homes in a range of sizes, styles and tenures, ranging from one and two bed urban chic style apartments close to the station hub to six bed family homes, with gardens, close to the nearby lakes. As well as homes for private sale, the development will include affordable housing with a mix of rented and shared ownership properties.



Delivered by St. Modwen through their Collaboration Agreement with Bovis Homes, Stanton Cross will provide extensive employment opportunities in the form of new commercial buildings, including high tech/R&D, industrial and distribution, offices, retail and leisure. This will create an estimated 3,000 new jobs. New buildings will be located close to the station for easy access for those not living in the area and commuting into Wellingborough, while the new industrial and distribution areas will be located close to the existing and new road network on the edge of Wellingborough to avoid unnecessary vehicle movement through the town.

Open Space

Large areas of open space and parkland close to the River Ise and River Nene will provide an attractive setting and recreation space for enjoyment, not only by Stanton Cross residents and workers, but by the whole town.

Community facilities

Community facilities to support residents and businesses are crucial and form a vital part of the scheme. A neighbourhood and local centre, primary schools and a secondary school allocation, local shops and services, allotments, a place of worship and a burial ground are all planned.

The residential, commercial and community elements will develop together. It is anticipated that many Stanton Cross residents will work locally. We expect that the range and quality of the new homes and a local workforce will all be key factors in attracting new business occupiers.


New routes into the scheme are planned and the railway station will be upgraded to form a new, state of the art transport hub, with bus links, new car parking and other facilities to enable greater use of public transport throughout the area.

Midland Road will be extended to include a road bridge over the railway line that will link the town centre to the new transport hub, which includes a new railway station, bus stops, a taxi rank and car parking.